Designed for people that drive

Your one stop handy app to help you diagnose and troubleshoot your car.

You’ve got a car? awesome. Do you care about it? great. Want to be able to care for your car? who wouldn’t? Wanna know what’s wrong with your baby car and when you really need to take it to a mechanic? What If there was an app that contained practically every single information you need about cars all in one place?

A repository of car information and how to diagnose and then troubleshoot it. A lot of times you can fix it yourself when you know what’s causing it or at least have a clear idea what’s wrong with your car so you can sound knowledgeable when you take your car to be repaired by a professional.

Why MechMate?

Designed for people that drive

Our experts have put their experience and engineering together to help with any issue that you can think of.

A handy car mate 24/7

No reception? No problem. It’s always good to have a reliable database in your pocket where ever you are. That’s how good MechMate it.

Put me in your pocket

All the knowledge is inside your pocket ready to help you out where ever you go or where ever you are. If you have your phone, you have MechMate.

Works in the desert

Our app is designed to use and diagnose your car troubles offline so that you will be able to get the help that you need while there is no Wifi.

All the information and solutions to your car for less than a cup of coffee.

"Saved my butt on the road. I was stressing over why my car was making weird noises and I was surprised I could find an answer to it which rest my mind at ease."
Tom Ferdo

"Great app helping you out when you need it."

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